No desesperes pequeña, la meta es el consuelo.
No desesperes pequeña, devuelve siempre el golpe.
Ve correr la sangre, siente correr la ira, saborea el poder.

Y la destrucción.

I’m sorry. Nothing goes right anyway. The past shadows walk by my side. I wish i wouldn’t failed, i wish i wouldn’t disappointed my whole world, acting like i thought it the was right manner. Now i whish i wouldn’t never climb that pit. Now I would be thinnier, now i would be prettier, i would be better. I would feel but I wouldn’t look the same. I wish i wouldn’t failed you so many times, but i don’t feel able to reach any goals, anymore. I just wanna run, like my mind has been running for everything for years. I just wanna smoke again, maybe if i die.